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Tulips from 1980 - knitting pattern from history“Pattern from history” posts were born when my lovely grandmother gave me all (well, almost all) of her old pattern sheets. And it was many. She collected those years and years and I think it’s a fantastic reflection of knitting history of our little country.

To make this little bit personal, I try to put little bit history of Estonia behind the year of the pattern. And I try to add all that my grandmother can remember and can tell me.

I added “can tell me” because my granny is little protective of me – she shares what she thinks I can handle – I’m a sensitive nature you see 🙂

I love her for that, but I can’t always get the hole truth about all that have happened.

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Today’s pattern is coming from September, 1980. Year for first bigger riots  of youth against Soviet Union; Self-Stitch pattern for knitted lace Tulips by Pattern Duchesspreservation instinct kicked in…

As I looked through all the stitch patterns of this era I noticed that lace was coming into picture. As you can see on this post and on Lacy Diamonds post for example, people got bolder and lace got bigger. Lace got used especially on sweaters and cardigans.

Knitting patterns were airy and beautiful, although designs were all similar.

I liked to knit this one. Very interesting, but not too hard. But naturally, being me, I would add “nupps” and bobbles and couple of cables here and there 🙂

Pattern repeat is 8 sts + 19 sts for edges (9 + 10);

*If this way of stating stitch count is confusing then lat me know. I can change it or make an explanation post on that.*

Row 1: k3, k2tog, YO, k1, YO, ssk, k1 (k2, k2tog, YO, k1, YO, ssk, k1) rep to last 10 sts, k2, k2tog, YO, k1, YO, ssk, k3;
Row 2 and all WS rows: purl;
Row 3: k2, k2tog, YO, k3, YO, ssk (k1, k2tog, YO, k3, YO, ssk) rep to last 10 sts, k1, k2tog, YO, k3, YO, ssk, k2;
Row 5: k1, (k2tog, YO) twice, k1, YO, ssk, YO (sk2p, YO, k2tog, YO, k1, YO, ssk, YO) rep to last 10 sts, sk2p, YO, k2tog, YO, k1, (YO, ssk) twice, k1;
Row 7: as row 3;
Row 9: k1, k2tog, YO, k5, YO (sk2p, YO, k5, YO) rep to last 10 sts, sk2p, YO, k5, YO, ssk, k1;
Row 11: k2, YO, ssk, k3, k2tog, YO (k1, YO, ssk, k3, k2tog, YO) rep to last 10 sts, k1, YO, ssk, k3, k2tog, YO, k2;
Row 12: purl;

Repeat rows 11 and 12 total of 4 times. 18 rows made.

Tulips knitting chart by patternduchess

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