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Yesterday, I realized that not everybody are familiar with the knitting pattern for eyelet lace. Yet, it’s so simple and easy to do. So, today we’re gonna dive in to eyelet stitch.

eyelet knit pattern

knit eyelet edging

Scarf edging (bad quality sneak peak of coming pattern, I guess)

Let’s start by talking about where can you use this eyelet row?

Answer is very straight forward. Everywhere.

I have used it in gloves and mittens, scarves and shawls, blankets, socks, sweaters etc.

knit eyelet border edge

Lace mittens

Now, how to knit an eyelet row?

Cast on 25 stitches. (You knew we’re gonna make a swatch, didn’t you?)

Knit 6 rows of Stockinette stitch (this means knit all right side rows and purl all wrong side rows).

Eyelet row: knit 3, (yarn over, knit 2 together) repeat to last 2 stitches, knit last 2;

how to knit eyelet pattern

*first 3 and last 2 stitches are for swatch edging purposes, if you knit in rounds, for example, then you’ll just make the “yarn over, knit 2 together”*

Now 7 rows of Stockinette stitch, again.

You may be wondering, at this point, where’s the beauty?

how to knit eyelet stitch

Fold your swatch so, that eyelet edging is your turning point and sew or knit sides together. See? (if you want more of the in depth tutorial on that, let me know)

how to knit eyelet ridge

This would be your eyelet edging.

New Directions in Lace

Let’s look at the eyelet pattern for borders.

Make sure that right side of your swatch is facing you.

Knit 5 rows.

Purl 1 row.

Make an eyelet row: knit 3, (yarn over, knit 2 together) repeat to last 2 stitches, knit last 2;

Purl 1 row.

Knit 5 rows and continue 5 rows of Stockinette stitch.

What do you think? Not bad, right?

how to knit eyelet lace

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