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Knitting stitch pattern Braided Lace from 1954 by

“Pattern from history” posts were born when my lovely grandmother gave me all (well, almost all) of her old pattern sheets with old knitting patterns. And it was many. She collected those years and years and I think it’s a fantastic reflection of knitting history of our little country.

These patterns are charted, without pictures and full of mistakes, so I took my mission to knit all of them through, make written instructions and take a proper picture.

I hope you’ll enjoy them?

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Easy knit lace pattern instructions for beginner knittersI don’t know if you remember, but last time I talked about neglecting a pattern. You know – the Triangular (year unknown). And as it turns out it was quite a beautiful pattern.

Driven by that feeling, I tried another one that seemed like a boring pattern to knit. Well, here’s the life lesson for you folks. Never underestimate a knitting stitch pattern without knitting the swatch first 😀 (I think I’m gonna make it a shareable knitters quote 😀 )

Only four rows of pattern and four different stitches… Very easy, very simple, very effective. If you’re a beginner lace knitter, then this is the one to try.

Pattern repeat is 10 + 5 stitches (5 for symmetry);

Row 1: (p5, k2tog, k1, k2tog) rep as many times as you like, p5;
Row 2 & 4: (k5, p5) rep, k5;
Row 3: (p5, k1, YO, k1, YO, k1) rep, p5;

Chart for knitting stitch pattern Braided Lace from 1954


Braide Lace knitting pattern from history by Pattern Duchess


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