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10 tools to use for cable knitting if you don't have a cable needle


Have you ever been in the situation where you don’t have a cable needle at hand?

I usually won’t use anything for cables. I just pull needle out and arrange my stitches like they should be after I make cable.

But there are times when I can’t do it this way – like big cable patterns, unstable bus ride or I just don’t feel like doing it (hey, this is enough of a reason I think).



I came up ten things to use instead of a cable needle. You have to have an open mind though, because some of it is in little …mmmm…. “out of the box” style.

1. bigger safety pin
2. little bent paperclip
3. other knitting needle
4. earrings with a hook
5. needle comb
6. finer crochet hook
7. hair pin
8. bookmark that looks like a paperclip
9. toothpick
10. food thermometer

substitude of cable needle

So what do you think? Was there anything that you haven’t thought of? Or do you have something to add? Let me know.

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