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Vogue sweater challenge

Continuing my big project Monday. It’s week 3 for my Craftsy class  Custom Cabled Pullovers by Carla Scott.

Here is week 1.

And week 2.

Custom Cabled Pullovers

Goal was to finish and block my cable swatches. Here, take a look.

Sweater center panel cable pattern

This one is for my center panel

Sweater side panel cable pattern sample 2

Option 1 for side cables

Sweater side panel cable pattern sample 1

Option 2 for side cables

Choosing cable patterns

Maybe only one additional cable?








It was so much fun to knit those swatches.

As you can see on the second picture I played with different cables. I started with the twist on every other row and moved on with the cable twist on every 4th row.

As I took pictures, I started to think that maybe there are too much cable work. Maybe it would be better if I knit less cables so that they could stand out more?

Cable pattern option 1

Cable pattern option 1

Cable pattern option 2

Cable pattern option 2

Cable pattern option 3

Cable pattern option 3

Cable pattern option 4

Cable pattern option 4

Choices, choices, choices…

Oh, I just remembered something.

I told my mother that I want to knit a cabled sweater for myself and she told this story.

20 something years ago when my mother and step-father started dating, she decided to knit a cabled sweater for him. So, she chose a sweater with lots of cables and used some expensive yarn. She worked hard on it and knitted it several months. Every. Single. Day. Finally, she finished it, my step-father put it on and guess what….

…he burnt a smoke hole in it! On that very first day! It feels like she is still angry about it 🙂

I can’t help it – it’s so funny. It’s one of those things – sad and funny at the same time.

Moral of the story? Make sure that the recipient of the cable sweater doesn’t smoke 🙂

Now, I’m gonna quit laughing and hope my karma won’t get a payback…

For next time – I need to make all the calculations and maybe even start knitting. If you’re interested of my study plan/ knitting plan/checklist for this course (Custom Cabled Pullovers by Carla Scott) then let me know and I will make it available on Members page.

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