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Lace knitting pattern from 1972

I found something marvelously delicate for you. Although this pattern is little bit challenging at first, it’s well worth your efforts. It’s super airy and truly lacy.

Before you start:

  • make sure you understand how to make this cluster thing;
  • if you’re a tight knitter (like I am) then loosen up;
  • between these * * are pattern repeats – to get a better overview of this pattern I would recommend  repeating this about 5 or 6 times;


  • k – knit;
  • YO – yarn over;
  • cluster – knit 3 out of 5 {knit 5 stitches together (1 new stitch on right hand needle), but don’t let stitches fall of from left hand needle; now knit into back of these 5 stitches (2nd new stitch on right hand needle) and again like first time as if to knit those 5 stitches together (3rd new stitch on right hand neede); now slip these 5 stitches from left hand needle};

Pattern repeat is 6 stitches.

Lace knitting pattern chart

Row 1: *cluster, YO, k1, YO*
Row 2: purl;
Row 3: *k1, YO, cluster, YO*;
Row 4: purl;

Repeat as many times you like.

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