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Knitting pattern knotty slips


This post is little tribute to Ukraine with co-operation of my Grandmother. Best knitter on earth. For me at least 🙂




It’s December of 1951. Soviet Union. Christmas is prohibited.

Crochet shirt pattern from Estonia in 1951

Crochet shirt…

Continuous deportation of Estonian people from 1949 ’til now is creating confusion and disorder. What’s left is fear, sadness and pain.

Did you know that those monsters called soldiers who invaded into our country and call itself liberators, have orders to destroy us and break our mind by killing, raping and vandalizing?

Eesti Naine 1951

Ideas for hat, mittens and sweater

They didn’t manage.

We still celebrate Christmas – secretly and behind black curtains. Even if we can put just one candle on the table for all the loved ones who was taken away. Christmas tree is only a dream.

Gifts are nice distraction from everyday worry – usually something that we need like knitted socks, hats, bar of soap and so on. Handcrafts are necessity not a hobby. And skills are needed at very early age.

Old pattern sheet

Crochet techniques…

There are fantastic patterns and exquisite embroideries, extraordinary laces and beautiful accessories. And it is all made from home made yarn – from sheep wool to yarn to sweaters.

Estonian pattern sheet

Old pattern sheet from 1951

Too bad that the beauty of handcraft must be safely hidden and shown only to the most trusted ones. Because if you had something beautiful then it was taken – and you didn’t get it back. Ever.

Stores are empty, homes destroyed and our lives are depending on our ability to adjust and learn.

We were lucky to get our hands on some pattern sheets. It has some very nice items in it – little bit of texture, little bit of techniques and little bit of knitting ideas. Although we know that this is only for distraction, this pattern sheet is surely treasured for years to come.



Why this huge introduction?

Easy knitting pattern for sweatersBecause I want you to know the story behind 1951. Like why this simple sheet of patterns is so important and why today’s knitting pattern isn’t so effective as other ones I usually choose. For this time, this little pattern was effective enough, putting you in the “grey” zone (“If I put on this sweater then do I come home with it later?”).

You see, you had to dress plainly. Main goal was not to stand out, not to make anyone envious. This pattern is small sign of rebellion and creativity – just to make something different and show some skills, even if you were the only one to know it.

Pattern repeat is 4 + 2 (for symmetry)

  • Row 1: *knit 2, purl 2* repeat to last 2 stitches, knit last 2;
  • Row 2: *YO, purl 2, pass YO over those 2 stitches you just purled, purl 2* repeat to last 2 stitches, YO, purl 2, pass YO over those 2 stitches you just purled;
  • Row 3: as row 1;
  • Row 4: as row 2;
  • Row 5: as row 1;
  • Row 6: as row 2;
  • Row 7: *purl 2, knit 2* repeat to last 2 stitches, purl last 2;
  • Row 8: *purl 2, YO, purl 2, pass YO over those 2 stitches you just purled* repeat to last 2 stitches, purl 2;
  • Row 9: as row 7;
  • Row 10: as row 8;
  • Row 11: as row 7;
  • Row 12: as row 8;

Beautiful and simple textured knitting pattern

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