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Pattern from history Marvelous Lace from 1981 by patternduchess“Pattern from history” posts were born when my lovely grandmother gave me all (well, almost all) of her old pattern sheets. And it was many. She collected those years and years and I think it’s a fantastic reflection of knitting history of our little country.

To make this little bit personal, I try to put little bit history of Estonia behind the year of the pattern. And I try to add all that my grandmother can remember and can tell me.

I added “can tell me” because my granny is little protective of me – she shares what she thinks I can handle – I’m a sensitive nature you see?

I love her for that, but I can’t always get the whole truth about all that has happened.

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You can find more about 1981 from this post here (no name for this one). But check this out. This pattern is just marvelous.Lacy knit stitch pattern from 1981

This lace pattern is very easy – perfect for beginners. Not too much to remember. Lace pattern itself is small yet delicate enough.

Pattern repeat is 10 stitches + 1 for symmetry.

Row 1,3,5: (k1, YO, k2, ssk, k1, k2tog, k2, YO) rep to last st, k1;
Row 2 and all WS rows: purl;
Row 7: (k2, YO, k2, sk2p, k2, YO, k1) rep to last st, k1;
Row 9: (k3, YO, k1, sk2p, k1, YO, k2) rep to last st, k1;
Row 11: (k4, YO, sk2p, YO, k3) rep to last st, k1;


Pattern from history marvelous lace chart

Lace knitting pattern from pattern duchess

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