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Long tail cast on, also known as German cast on, may look complicated at first, but if you get the hang of it, you will never go back to any other cast on method. It’s very versatile and suitable starting from lace shawls and ending with socks. And what’s most important, it will give a beautiful edging.

If you prefer the video, scroll down a bit… 🙂

For this cast on you will need a long yarn tail (that’s where the name comes from). Knitting patterns don’t usually say what’s the proper length of the yarn tail. Here comes in Step 1.

Step 1

Start by wrapping the yarn around your needle as many times as the needed stitch count will be.

Step 2

Remove your needle, add an inch or two and make a slip stitch (usually counts as the first stitch).

Step 3

Hold the needle in your right hand. Insert your left-hand thumb and index finger between the yarn tails gently wrapping your other fingers around both yarns. We have two loops now – one around your thumb and one around your index finger.

Step 4

Insert the needle from left to right into the thumb loop…

Step 5

…grab the loop from your index finger…

Step 6

…and bring it through the thumb loop.

Step 7

Take your thumb out and tighten the stitch. Repeat steps 3 to 7.

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