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Good news for all knitters who would like to easily learn how to knit lace. “Lace Workbook for Beginners: Lace Knitting Simplified” is almost here. The official release date is February 26, and here’s what to expect.

Lace Workbook for Beginners: Lace Knitting Simplified

I had a help of my grandmother when learning to knit lace at a young age.

I didn’t know that lace knitting was supposed to be hard and I wrote this workbook because I want you to have the same help as I did. I want to take the fear out of lace knitting and give you the liberty to knit exceptional pieces without resentment. I want you to learn to knit lace as effortlessly as me, without tears or frustration.

You will finish this workbook feeling confident and positive. You will know the basics and all the ins and outs of lacework. With this workbook, you will tackle lace once and for all.

There’s never been a book about lace knitting like this before. Lace Workbook for Beginners is the only workbook on the market that gives desperately needed self-confidence to tackle any lace project and is designed specifically for the beginner knitter. This is the exact same way how my Nana taught me and now I’m teaching it to you.

Lace Workbook for Beginners: Lace Knitting Simplified

What to expect

Right from the beginning of Lace Workbook for Beginners, I will take away the complexity and give you everything simplified. I will show you what tools you will need, how to easily choose the yarn and needles, and give you tips on how to save money on most of it.

When I say I’ll simplify lace for you then I don’t mean you don’t need to do any work. You need to practice and you need to make an effort. If you agree to learn, take note and hone the exercises, only then you will be successful.

You will be knitting lace like a professional, and you will be the one who says knitting lace is easy.

The vast internet is full of knitting instructions and how to’s, and it’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and doubtful. You have all this information, and you don’t even know where to start.

That’s why, in Lace Workbook for Beginners, I will walk you through all the steps, “holding your hand” as you learn. With this workbook, I want you to have trust in yourself and your knitting skills. I want you to have the satisfaction of self-dependancy.

Lace Workbook for Beginners

You’ll get an overview of the basics: you’ll learn how to choose your tools, how to read knitting patterns and charts, what are the basic lace stitches, and how to fix mistakes. You’re going to get fundamentals that are the core of lace knitting. This will be the bases to start building on.

You’re going to study how to “read” your knitting and master cast on and bind off processes. And after all that, you’re going to practice with loads of lace knitting exercises to ensure your success in all of your future lace knitting projects. Lace Workbook for Beginners will be enough to help you knit thousands of free patterns that are waiting for you on Ravelry so are you ready?

Lace Workbook for Beginners: Lace Knitting Simplified

This workbook contains dozens of exercises arranged into thoughtfully planned sections to help you make the most of the lace knitting adventure. At the start of the workbook, we’ll discuss what tools you need to get started. You’ll know how to choose them and how to save money on them.

Next, you’ll learn the basic stitches and how to follow knitting instructions. You will know the basics of charts and how to “read” your knitting. All this will give you the ability to knit any pattern you ever want in the future.

You’ll then cast on and begin practicing, starting from extremely easy patterns and working your way up. Exercises are built to compliment each other and teach you a lesson at the same time, giving you a beautiful lacy sampler scarf at the end. This section of the book will ensure your present and future successes.

Finally, you will learn how to fix mistakes and have a tutorial on how to bind off. You will know how to give your lacework finishing touches and get an extra chapter on tricks of the trade.

Lace Workbook for Beginners includes:

  • Needed tools and how to choose them to get a successful start on your project;
  • Why you need lifelines and a thorough tutorial on how to insert lifelines to prevent the stitch loss;
  • Easy instructions on how to make markers from scrap yarn to save money;
  • List of basic lace stitches with outlined sketches so you will always know how to do them without the need for a Google;
  • Lessons on how to work with knitting patterns and charts so you can handle any pattern you want;
  • How to “read” your knitting to prevent and find mistakes in your lacework;
  • Tutorials for 3 different stretchy cast on techniques for you to choose from;
  • Tutorials for 3 flexible bind off techniques for you to adapt your favorite;
  • 40+ various knitting exercises with written instructions, charts, pictures and stitch sketches for mastering lace and ensuring your success;
  • Simple solutions for most common lace knitting mistakes with detailed how to’s to get you through any sticky situations;
  • Blocking guide to give your projects professional looks;
  • Tricks and tips to simplify and improve your lace knitting experience;

Seriously – you’ve never seen lace workbook for beginners like this before. It is ALL you need to be successful. This is how my grandmother taught me to knit lace and you have a rare opportunity to learn from her too. Her system will get you knitting in no time!

Lace Workbook for Beginners: Lace Knitting Simplified

Official launch date is February 26. Be on my email list to get exclusive savings and early bird bonuses!

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