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Knitted cast on is often used for starting Estonian lace shawls. It’s very easy and if you don’t have much experience with different cast-on processes, then this is the one I would recommend you to use. Especially if you’re about to start a lace project.

Knitted cast on is simple yet beautiful, stretchy and very useful to know. This cast on method is also great for casting on in the middle of the project at the beginning of the row.

If you prefer the video to learn, scroll down a bit 🙂

Step 1

Start by making a slip stitch/slip knot;

click here if you want to know how to make a slip stitch/slip knot

Step 2

Take that needle into your left hand and working needle into your right hand.

Step 3

Insert your right-hand needle into the 1st stitch knitwise (from left to right)…

Step 4

…grab the yarn and pull through.

Step 5

Pass the stitch you just made onto your left-hand needle inserting the left-hand needle into that stitch from right to left.

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