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Usually, I don’t recommend you to complicate things by learning multiple ways of doing something, but joining a new yarn without the knot may come handy. When you’re working on a very lacy knitting pattern or you want to sell your work and need a very “clean” backside, for example.

This technique is the easiest to join new yarn in lace knitting.

Step 1

Hold the ending yarn as you usually do:

Step 2

Add the new yarn and hold both yarns together:

Step 3

Work next stitch as needed with both yarns:

Step 4

Let go of the ending yarn tail and continue only with the new yarn.


Note that on the following row or round you need to work both yarns as one stitch to complete the join.

Here is the video tutorial:

If you feel it’s a bit overwhelming and you need little more guidance, then I have a lace knitting class you will love. It’s called “Lace Knitting for Beginners” and it contains five comprehensive sections with lessons covering the basics, from most helpful tools to practicing different lace stitches and moving on with three beautiful scarf patterns.

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