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Lace knitting is actually very easy, so if you learned to knit by yourself then you can absolutely learn lace knitting by yourself.

Here is the step by step for you:

  1. Find an easier lace scarf pattern and print it (or write it out).
  2. Read it through and make sure you understand everything. If you find a technique you don’t know how to do, then “google” it. There’s plenty of tutorials you can go over.
  3. Find tools and get on with it. I recommend a simple sock yarn or something in that weight for your first lace project. Don’t use anything thinner for now.

Few extra pointers:

  • use a lifeline – it will save you a lot of time and from a lot of tears; (more about lifelines here)
  • be patient with yourself – practice makes perfect;
  • block your work after you’re finished;


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