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zig zag lace edging pattern

I want to share with you my most used lace edging that form zigzag edge. My granny taught me that and I use it all the time. Very simple and easy to knit.

And here comes written instructions.

NOTE! One pattern repeat is 12 stitches.

1: *k1, YO, k3, k2tog, p, s1k2tog, k3, YO* repeat to end;
2: *k6, p, k5* repeat to end;

Repeat these two rows/rounds as long as you need your lace border to be. Knitted lace on the picture (at the beginning of this post) is 8 repeats long (total of 16 rounds).


zig zag lace chart

*One pattern repeat makes one corner. Like so:

zig zag border pattern

Now you try. I would like to see your outcome – leave me a comment below. Have fun! 🙂

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