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knitting swatch

Today we will start with new series. As we’re finishing with socks then only logical follow up would be mittens, right? Right.

There will be three different styles (like with socks) for you to choose from- simple ones for a total beginner, one lacy pair and one pair with lace and cables.

So, first of all, choose your yarn and needles. Don’t you think it’s the most exciting part – choosing your yarn?

simple knit fingerless gloves

Simple ones

lacy fingerless gloves

Lacy ones

cable and lace fingerless gloves

Lace and cable





My First Mittens & Gloves


And let’s start swatching. Just simple Stockinette stitch swatch. Nothing special.hand measurements for knitting mittens

Now, if you’ve finished your swatch, let’s do some math.

1. Measure, how many stitches you have on 5 cm / 2 inches.

2. Now measure the circumference of your hand.

3. Make your calculations:

With cm – (circumference of your hand x stitch count on 5 cm) divide by 5;
With inches – (circumference of your hand x stitch count on 2 inches) divide by 2;

That’s it for today. Hold on to these numbers you just calculated. We’re gonna work with these on next time. 🙂

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