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How to knit (fingerless) mittens


Last time you knitted a swatch and made some calculations. You were asked to hold on to these numbers you got. Well, find them and move on.

Basically, what you need to do is take your number from step 3 and divide it by stitch count of pattern repeat (look below).

To do that you’re gonna need the pattern repeat and this depends on a pattern you chose.


Level 1 – simple (fingerless) mittens

simple fingerless mittensIt’s easy for level 1 mittens. This is a simple pair to make and your pattern repeat is 4.

So, make your calculations as instructed above.

Is your number without a comma?

If yes, then you’re good to go – your number from last time (step 3) matches and this is your cast on stitch count.

But if your number came out with comma then we need to adjust it little bit. So, take your answer without comma and add 1. Multiply it with your pattern repeat number. This is your cast on stitch count.

For example – If my number from step 3 was 45 and I divide it with 4 (pattern repeat) then I’ll get 11,25. Now I’ll take this 11, add 1 (11+1=12) and multiply it with 4 (pattern repeat again), I’ll get 48. I’ll cast on 48 stitches.

My First Mittens & Gloves

Level 2 – lacy pair of (fingerless) mittens

Lacy fingerless gloves patternIt’s the same way as level 1 mittens, BUT… you’ll have to make sure that you have at least 25 stitches total on 1st and 2nd needle. (So – at least 12 stitches on one needle and 13 stitches on the other needle). It’s because of that the lace pattern I chose is 25 stitches wide (and it will be knitted on 1st and 2nd needle). If you’ve got even number of stitches on 1st and 2nd needle (like 26 for example) then no worries. I’ll tell you what to do. Just cast on for now.


Level 3 – cable and lace (fingerless) mittens

knit fingerless gloves with lace and cable pattern


Same case as level 2, only pattern for 1st and 2nd needle is 22 stitches wide. So you’ll need at least 11 stitches per one needle.



This is the part I want you to understand. If it’s confusing then contact me and I’ll try to help you with your numbers.

If you’ve got your stitch count then cast on and move on with cuffs. Topic for next time (because it would be huge post otherwise).

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