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how to join new yarn in the middle of knitting project in 3 easy steps

Today I want to show you how I join a new yarn in the middle of knitting project. Why? Because I got angry, and let me tell you.

I happened to over hear a discussion about how to join or attach new yarn in the middle of your work. A novice knitter was asking someone more experienced, how to do it. And her answer amazed me.

I practically drop my jaw on the floor…

Instead of talking to her about the easiest way to do it, she held a lecture of multiple advanced techniques available. I hardly kept myself quiet (as I know it’s not nice to eavesdrop, but they were talking about knitting you know). It really made me think though.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of how to tutorials and technique videos about knitting? And have you noticed that techniques showed, are more and more complicated? I mean – it looks like the more complicated stuff we can throw in, more cooler we look…

Well – we are scaring beginners people

So, here is my super special and fancy technique. Furthermore, this is the ultimate technique we, Estonians, use in our sensationally loopy Estonian lace. And, I personally use it everywhere.

Here’s how you join new yarn in the middle of knitting in 3 easy steps:

1. Make sure you have enough yarn end left over (about 10 cm / 4 inches)

join new yarn in knitting

2. Make a knot

joining new yarn for beginners

3. Make another knot

how to attach new yarn in knitting

Pull it closed and done!

easy way to join new yarn in the middle of knitting project

You can knit those yarn ends into your work as you move on or you can thread those in with a needle.


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