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How to pick up stitches from middle of knitting


Let’s make a swatch (do not crumble, you know you’ll need it) – cast on 13 stitches, knit 4 rows and 20 rows of stockinette stitch.







This is how my swatch looks like:

How to pick up stitches on knitting

First, we’ll be picking up stitches. Usually, pattern will state exactly on which row and which stitches will be picked up. For now, we will just pick some row.

Take your work, wrong side facing you. Pick a row and start picking up stitches from left to right. See the picture (I tried to mark stitches so you can get an idea).

picking up knitting stitches

Now fold your work

Knitting techniques picking up stitches

And start knitting stitches from both needles together.

How to make knitted hems

1. Slip first stitch from picking up needle onto working needle

Tutorila on picking up stitches in knitting

2. Knit 2 together

pick up stitch and knit two together
3. Slip next stitch from picking up needle onto working needle
4. Knit 2 together

Basically, it’s like sewing but with needles.

Some of my patterns will require step 5 and this is cast off step.

5. Cast off by slipping first stitch over second:

 knit pick stitch and live stitch together

Knitted hem tutorial

Repeat steps 3 to 5 and you’ll get something like this.

Knit hems tutorial

And the outcome:

Knitted hem pattern

How to pick up knit stitches for beautiful hem


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