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Holidays are just around the corner and so many of you have written to get some pattern recommendations for simple reversible lace scarf that would be suitable for beginner lace knitters. I didn’t know any, and as it turns out, these types of knitting patterns are not very easy to find. So I made my own.

Here’s a swatch for you to try. Cast on 19 sts – 3 for the edge, 12+1 for the pattern and 3 for the edge.

  • Knit first 3 stitches, work the pattern and knit last 3 stitches.

Abbreviations for this beginner lace pattern are easy:

Pattern 1+4 stitches over 4 rows.

  • Row 1: k1, (sk2p, 3F1) rep to end;
  • Row 2: knit;
  • Row 3: (3F1, sk2p) rep to last st, k1;
  • Row 4:  knit;


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