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Converting knitting charts into written instructionsIt’s very grey day today here on this small island. You know – the sleepy and bland one. Or as I love to say – “looking at knitting patterns” day 🙂

I love certain kind of Russian sites for killing my time – a huge pool of inspiration (like your own personal sun). Like these:

I don’t exactly speak Russian, but I speak knitting. I can easily knit according to charts and today I wanted to talk about just that.


Because you’re missing out if you can’t read charts and I don’t want you to be missing out.

There are enormous amounts of knitting patterns out there with charts only. Can you imagine what you could knit? How extraordinary things you could create?


On these days I don’t want to be practical. And I’m too lazy today to actually write over what others have already said. So…here are super instructions for you 🙂

How to convert knitting charts into written instructions:
  1. Of course, Knitty has something to say;
  2. And we can’t live without Tin Can Knits (very thorough instructions);
  3. There’s also What-when-how;
  4. Wendy Knits;
  5. And Impeccable Knits;

Now, if you work through all this then your well on your way and I can’t recommend it enough. There will be whole new world for you then. Especially world from Russia…

If you feel like charts isn’t for you at all and you really really want to knit something that’s charted only then I can help. No, I still won’t do it free of charge just because you asked me nicely (sorry about that). But I’ll offer a service – I will convert knitting charts into written patterns starting as low as $5 🙂

I’m getting back to my charts now – see you tomorrow on History post 🙂


Perfect Knits Every Time: Understanding Knitting Patterns

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