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chunky cable knit cowl pattern

If you like bulky cabled cowls then here is a weekend project for you.

Large cables gives this big chunky feel and it is so easy to knit. Easy, if you have knitted cables before.

I used this yarn for the first time and I must say – I love it. I have very delicate skin, so I have to choose my yarn carefully. It fulfilled all my demands – it is natural and soft, won’t make my skin itch and outcome is absolutely delightful.

Pattern is for straight needles and buttons are for decorative purposes only.


free knitting pattern for cabled cowlIn order to knit this cowl, you’ll need:
  • 250 g / 9 oz (410 yards) of DROPS Big Merino (I used color code 12 / maroon)
  • straight needles size 5 mm / US 8
  • cable needle
  • buttons
  • sewing needle
Cowl measurements (without stretching):
  • length: 65 cm / 25,5 inches
  • width: 30 cm / 12 inches
  • k – knit;
  • p – purl;
  • 10/10 RC – slip 10 stitches onto cable needle and hold back, knit next 10 stitches and then 10 stitches from cable needle;
  • 10/10 LC – slip 10 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front, knit next 10 stitches and then 10 stitches from cable needle;
Cowl instructions:

Cast on 90 stitches and knit 10 rows of 1:1 ribbing (knit 1, purl 1).

Pattern repeat:

Row 1: k20, p5, k40, p5, k20;
Row 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16: p20, k5, p40, k5, p20;
Row 3: 10/10 RC, p5, 10/10 RC, 10/10 LC, p5, 10/10 LC;
Row 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15: k20, p5, k40, p5, k20;

knit cowl scarf pattern


Repeat this rows 1 to 16 for 8 times total (if you want bigger cowl then add pattern repeats).

Knit 10 rows of 1:1 ribbing. Cast off.

Overlap your ribbing edges so, that they’re on top of each other and sew edges.

Attach buttons.



And chart for chart people:

Chunky cabled knit cowl chart


bulky knit cowl pattern on straight needles


I hope you liked it. I’m thinking that I need to knit something to match with this cowl. Maybe a hat? Or mittens? Let me know, what you would want to see in this set I’m planning…







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