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260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

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I’m on a constant lookout for some interesting knitting pattern ideas and new takes on already known knitting stitches. This book – 260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida – has been on my wishlist for a while. I think it’s self-explanatory – 260 different knitting patterns to knit.

Although we live in an online age and I could have easily ordered it from Amazon or somewhere else, I couldn’t justify the amount that would have gone to shipping. Shipping was as much as the book itself. How annoying!

One day, when I was doing some “research” (which is the term for me sitting on a computer, browsing some things I want to buy someday, and ignoring the fact that I need to do some cleaning), I came across the shopping site AliExpress. Do you know this one? A worldwide known e-commerce site.

2 Knitting Patterns Book 250 / 260 BY HITOMI SHIDA Japanese Classic knitting patterns Chines edition

Anyway, there was this pattern book I’ve been dreaming about, with free shipping and everything. Only… In Chinese.

So I drooled and obsessed over it for weeks when I finally made a decision to buy the freaking book and hope that the symbols for the pattern charts are universal.

Well, I didn’t know anything about the site and was horrified by the thought of buying from there (as I am with all the new sites I come across), so I decided to do a test-purchase with something inexpensive. As it turns out, the service there is absolutely excellent, buyer protection is top notch and the speed of sending an item out is fantastic.

The only downside I can think is the time for shipping (which is not a sellers fault). But I waited that long. I could wait a little longer.

260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review


Now, let’s check out those knitting patterns, shall we?

The pattern book is soft covered and measures 29,7 cm / 11,7 inches in length and 21,1 cm / 8,3 inches in width.

Book itself isn’t exactly for beginner knitters (although it could be if you’re eager to learn). All the patterns are charted, and there are no written instructions. Charts are universal and totally readable, in case you’re wondering.

And the selection of patterns… Oh my gosh! They are absolutely exquisite!


260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

Details of the patterns are sensational. I actually thought (I feared, I should say) that they will display only the best stitches as advertisements and the rest of the patterns are plain boring, BUT NO. I want to try out every single one of them and I don’t exaggerate. (It’s the second book of stitch patterns I absolutely love. First one was Estonian lace book.)

260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

You can find all kinds of knitting techniques there – lace, cables, twisted stitches, popcorn stitches, edgings and knitting techniques I don’t have words for. Details of these patterns are sensational.

260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

Also, the book contains 5 full knitting patterns. There are notes in Chinese that I don’t understand, but charts are pretty clear. I definitely want to try out these socks and the hat.

260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

Last but not least, there are picture tutorials for some complicated techniques I want to master, and who knows, maybe I can teach you too. I don’t understand a word of it, but pictures are very clear and straightforward. I’m sure I can figure it out.

260 Knitting Patterns by Hitomi Shida - book review

So, do I recommend you to buy it? This book is perfect for you if you know how to read charts and if you have knitted lace or cables before. If you can’t read charts (yet) or you haven’t knitted lace or cables then I think this one is a bit complicated for you (it’s perfect for motivation to learn more though).

I hope this review was helpful, and if you have any questions about the book leave it in the comment box below.

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