So, we had holidays last week. I was supposed to take a break from everything (read: from knitting) when I started to see everything yellow. OK, yellowish…

Before I show you my progress, I would like you to meet someone. Someone with no name yet. Someone yellowish…

New family member

Sorry for the quality of pictures. “Yellowish Cat” didn’t stay put. It’s not like taking pictures from my knitting 😀

My mother found this little kitten from the barn. Cat mother had left and tiny kitty was almost dead. We couldn’t leave it there…

“Yellowish Cat” having a dinner:

Feeding time

And one more 🙂


I was taking a walk and this was on my way:

yellow flowers

And those holidays I mentioned – every year we celebrate 23rd & 24th of June with bonfires.

See? Yellow…

Midsummer in Hiiumaa

I got back home and was ready to knit again:

Big Yellow with yellow notebook

I was extra motivated so I made a project page in my bright yellow Leuchtturm notebook – colored numbers are my pattern repeats. I’ll color one number every time I’ve finished one pattern repeat.

Big Yellow with knitting project planner

Have I told you that I have “a thing” with notebooks?

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