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I know it’s a knitting blog but I really really like to continue with crochet rose theme from last time. I will turn back to knitting soon enough, I promise.

You might wonder, where do you actually use these divine flowers?


I can see myself adding roses in plenty of places (not that I’ll do it, but I can see it). Here is a list of few to get your ideas flowing:

1. Knitted and crocheted clothes items

  • scarves and shawls (I plan to include it in my Mother’s Day shawl pattern)
  • hats and headbands
  • socks and gloves
  • skirts
  • sweaters

2. Accessories

  • bags and purses
  • bare foot flip flops
  • ties
  • muffs
  • parasols

2. Home decor

  • cushions
  • potholders
  • coasters
  • coffee cup cozies
  • wine or champagne bottle decor

3. DIY Jewelry

  • rings
  • crochet necklaces
  • bracelets
  • hair hanglets
  • brooches

4. Books and gadgets

  • bookmarks
  • book covers
  • pencil add on
  • pencil holders
  • phone or tablet covers

5. Events

  • bouquets
  • invitations
  • decorations
  • favors

What ideas you have got? Please, do share 😉

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