vogue sweater challenge - let's knit a cabled sweater

When this year began (2016 I mean), I decided that this would be the year for something new. Something huge. Something that I haven’t done before.

First that came to mind was a sweater. I have knitted a sweater before but only according to the pattern. Knitting a sweater from point zero – that was something new, and huge, and something I haven’t done before.

Naturally my “go to” page for sweater courses was Craftsy. Did you know that they have 14 classes just for sweaters? I counted you know…

I had a hard time to choose from so many, but I narrowed my search. As you know I’m all about cables and lace, so it had to be this kind of class. Now I had 5  courses left.

Basically, I just chose the one that looked the best… this one:

Custom Cabled Pullovers

Now Mondays are my Vogue sweater challenge days.

Last time (on Monday) I showed you my progress and I had finished 1/3 of the sleeves. I hoped that I was finished with it by today. Well… yeah…that didn’t work out for me…

Why? Because I’m weak…. (imagine me saying it with whining voice…). I got distracted with ….

I’m gonna show it to you tomorrow 🙂

But here’s the sweater… sleeves at least…

Vogue sweater challenge - progress of sweater sleeves

I tried to hold down the edges for you…

Knitting my cabled sweater sleeves

It didn’t work out so I pined it down… I’m stubborn… if I want it down then it must be down… 🙂

Progress of my first jumper

I know that it’s too early to make conclusions, but I can’t help to think what I’d do differently next time.

I would change the filler stitch next time. It’s drop dead boring to knit it. No excitement what so ever… (if you don’t know what the filler stitch is then it’s the stitch that surrounds your main pattern).

Goal for next time – finish it. FINISH IT. FINISH IT!!!!!

I’m almost done and summer is coming before I get it done. That’s embarrassing… I started this sweater at the same time as my Granny and guess what – she has finished a sweater, made another one, knitted countless number of mittens and gloves (WITH COLORFUL PATTERN) and she’s about to finish a lace hat that she made for her…

I have to finish this sweater…

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