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When this year began (2016 I mean), I decided that this would be the year for something new. Something huge. Something that I haven’t done before.

First that came to mind was a sweater. I have knitted a sweater before but only according to the pattern. Knitting a sweater from point zero – that was something new, and huge, and something I haven’t done before.

Naturally my “go to” page for sweater courses was Craftsy. Did you know that they have 14 classes just for sweaters? I counted you know…

I had a hard time to choose from so many, but I narrowed my search. As you know I’m all about cables and lace, so it had to be this kind of class. Now I had 5  courses left.




Basically, I just chose the one that looked the best… this one:

Custom Cabled Pullovers

Now Mondays are my Vogue sweater challenge days.

About the headline…. it’s my birthday today and actually, I don’t feel like crying – I just like to know that I can if I want to 🙂 I know – I’m weird…

So before I’ll dive in my birthday cake and drink more champagne than I should, I want to show you my progress… I didn’t start sleeves yet but I’m pleased that I got this far… And it fits me – I was so worried that it would be too small 🙂

sweater is almost finished...sleeves to go...

sweater challenge almost done

I wonder – could I make sleeves in one week? Hmmm….

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