So, I had my sweater course from Craftsy, my yarn, my swatches and my measurements. Next step ? Calculations.(!)

Well, If you’re “a first timer” like me then first of all – it’s scary; second of all – it takes time; and third of all – you’re not very good at it…

It took me in total of 12 hours to get it done. And this time I don’t exaggerate. It was that time-consuming.

Here’s my rough draft of sweater calculations:

Calculation of sweater stitches

It took me 12 sheets of paper. Oh, I just realized – 12 sheets in 12 hours. That’s 1 sheet per hour?

I watched those videos over and over and over… That’s so nice about Craftsy – I can watch their videos as much as I want. I can even put it on lower speed if I want to…

After I had finished my rough draft, there were no way to understand what number goes where. So I started again (YES, from beginning) and this time I managed to write it so that I could make sense…

To find anything good in all this time spent – I can understand all the numbers and increases and decreases that are needed in sweater patterns now. For me, sweaters were always hardest to knit because there were so much to remember and I didn’t really “get” it.

I feel so smart now 🙂

I’ll show you my clean draft for calculations and patterns:

clean draft for sweater 1

My knitting schedule

My calculations and pattern for sleeves

My calculations and pattern for sleeves

clean draft for sweater 3

Cable pattern for front of the sweater

clean draft for sweater 4

My calculations for front and back + notes

Now, according to my knitting schedule I need to knit 1/3 of the front (or back) part of the sweater. Well:

Start of a cable sweater

I just couldn’t stop myself…

I have a good excuse though – it will give me time when I mess something up… like shaping of the neck or something… 🙂


I thought I’ll give you few tips for your calculating process (in case you’re planning to go through this course) so that you don’t have to spend 12 hours doing it:

  • Do it when it’s quiet – kids and husbands won’t be exactly helpful…
  • Do it when you feel bright and rested – for me it’s mornings, but I started at night…well, you saw how it turned out…
  • First, before you do anything else, watch all the lessons for calculating – I started my calculations immediately and I just wasted my time; it was so much easier to watch all of it and then start….
  • Take it slow. I mean – really slow. Pause after every sentence or word if you need to. Make sure you really understand every number and every calculation. It’s crucial for your success.
  • And last, but not least – don’t give up. I repeat – DO NOT give up. There are some complicated parts, but those are not insurmountable. If I could do it then you can do 😉

I hope this post was helpful and if you know some great sites about how to simply calculate your sweater stitches then leave a comment below 🙂

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