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When this year began (2016 I mean), I decided that this would be the year for something new. Something huge. Something that I haven’t done before.

First that came to mind was a sweater. I have knitted a sweater before but only according to the pattern. Knitting a sweater from point zero – that was something new, and huge, and something I haven’t done before.

Naturally my “go to” page for sweater courses was Craftsy. Did you know that they have 14 classes just for sweaters? I counted you know…

I had a hard time to choose from so many, but I narrowed my search. As you know I’m all about cables and lace, so it had to be this kind of class. Now I had 5  courses left.



Basically, I just chose the one that looked the best… this one:


Custom Cabled Pullovers

Now Mondays are my Vogue sweater challenge days.

Last time I told you that my motivation was gone. Well, it didn’t return. Only thing that kept me going was a thought of coming here and telling that I have nothing to show.

Oh, the horror… 🙂

If you want to check out the challenge from the beginning then look here:

Now, check this out 😀

Knitting the cabled sweater  Vogue sweater challenge week 7 Knitting a sweater




Sweater knitting challenge

Perfectly lined…see? Can you tell I’m pleased?

Yeah, if you could see me – I’m doing my victory dance (in my mind but still…). 

I was taking pictures and my teenager came to see what I’m up to. She notified me that if it doesn’t fit on me then she will take it. And if it fits…well…too bad because she’s gonna lend it from me.

Punch line of this little story is – she have told me before that she’s too cool for knitted sweaters… 😀

What did I learn from this? You have to show a little pink, of course 😀

So to sum things up – I’m happy that I got over my procrastination pump and I’m not gonna give my sweater away 🙂

Goal for next time – back piece is done and sleeves are started. I’m on fire now… I wonder if it’s too much to think that I’ll get it done by the end of February…

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