2017 came with new project – Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl.

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It’s finally done. Lilac Time Shawl. Fantastic pattern.

I was a bit scared of this red color, but it turned out beautiful. I also was a bit hesitant in this triangular shape, and as it turns out, I really really love it. I’m planning my next triangular shawl as we speak.

Knitting The Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl

Pattern was easy, shawl knitted up fast, and overall feeling is very satisfied.

This is an Estonian lace pattern, by the way. And one of my favorites. Look how beautiful this is:

Knitting The Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl

If I’m being honest, what I love the most about this pattern, is that there are rows without nupps too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nupps (like all Estonian lace knitters do). But it is very tiring to knit them (no TV what-so-ever), so a couple of rows without them is a nice change.

You might think that it’s a hard pattern to knit, but that’s the illusion. And that’s the second best thing. It’s actually quite easy knitting project, if you know the techniques, of course.

Now about this pattern…

Knitting The Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl

It’s a pattern that comes with the Craftsy course Estonian Lace Explained with Nancy Bush. I have mentioned it before, and I will mention it again. This is the course I deeply believe in.

It’s THE MOST PERFECT course for a knitter who loves lace knitting, and is ready to try Estonian Lace.

To many, Estonian Lace feels difficult. All this fine yarn, the mysterious nupps, and special cast on technique – it will freak people out. Don’t even mention sewing on the lace edging.

I know, I’ve been there.

I remember the painful practice of nupps. I remember the agony, when I had to “frog” half of my knitting caused by the mistake I made, when I wasn’t paying enough attention. I remember crying my heart out when I couldn’t sew the freaking edging on right.

It was a torture until I asked my grandmother to help me. She’s my knitting guardian angel. Always there when I need her.

You don’t have an access to my grandmother, but you have the next-best thing.

Nancy Bush.

Knitting The Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl

Nancy Bush is one of the best experts on Estonian Lace knitting. Period. And she teaches almost exactly the way my grandmother did, so she gets the bonus points for that too 🙂

She will walk you through all the details, show you all the techniques used, and help you along the way in any way she can. Yes, you need patience, and concentration. But Estonian lace is so intricate and beautiful, it’s worth it.

And did I say, you can use fingering yarn for this pattern? I know I used the “cobweb” lace yarn, but you really don’t have to. Pattern is written for fingering weight yarn in mind.

Only downside is that the pattern has charts only.  If that won’t bother you then…

Buy the course now!

PS! What do you think, how did I take the close-up pictures? You’ll never guess… Yes, I pined my shawl on to my curtains (neighbors thought I’m crazy)…

Knitting The Triangular Estonian Lace Shawl

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