My last week was total disappointment. Do you remember my post about Haruni? Well, this is what came out:

about ripping off knitting

Yes – I ripped it. Why? Oh, I’ll tell you why.

I ordered myself more yarn. It was supposed to be same color, but I didn’t actually check my yarn labels. So, can you guess what came out? Yes – it was in different color.

yarn in wrong color

So, I took my labels and my Haruni – checked and rechecked – and ordered again. This time absolutely certain in my success. But no. NO!

knitting with wrong color

They sent me same color that I ordered last time. The wrong one. I’m sure they would replace it with there own cost (because it is a fantastic store), but I don’t want to knit with this yarn anymore. My next try of Haruni knitting will be with BLACK.

By the way, this was not the first time I knitted with this yarn.

First time – I knitted some lace shawl (can’t remember the name), but I didn’t like the combination of the pattern and the blue color. I ripped it.

Second time – I knitted this sweet baby sweater. Very cute sweater, but the pattern was so confusing that I couldn’t finish it. Yes – I ripped it.

And third time – my beautiful Haruni. I loved this pattern and I loved how it turned out. And dang it – I ran out of yarn plus this additional yarn trouble. So – I ripped it.

Now I think this blue yarn is my kryptonite and I plan to throw it out. Maybe even burn it. After my mishap with this lace shawl, nothing have worked. NOT ONE THING!

Last week when I waited my yarn to arrive, I crocheted baby sandals for my sister-in-law’s baby and these were too small. So I crocheted new sandals and these were too big. I tried to develop new pattern for lace shawl and it was just a big mess.

I’m angry, can you tell? OK, angry is too strong of the word. Frustrated. I’m frustrated from head to toe.

So, I’ll spend few days on my computer and focus on my Knitting planner (hopefully it will be ready for you by Wednesday) AND no needles and no darn blue yarn.


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