Spring Shawl Cast On

Cast on 4+4 stitches using “Figure 8 cast on” method.

Grab your three DPNs, and make a slip knot leaving enough tail for sewing

Now take a 2nd needle, and hold both needles on your left hand

With your right hand start to make loops one by one, wrapping the yarn around needles until you have 4 stitches (or wraps) on both needles

Row 1: start knitting – your yarn should come from the needle below, so knit all four stitches through back loop on upper needle

Row 2: turn work, and purl

Note! 1st stitches are slipped stitches – RS (right side) knit wise and WS (wrong side) purl wise.

Rows 3 to 16: knit on RS and purl on WS in total of 16 rows (last row is purl row);

Row 17: knit 4 stitches, pick up and knit 8 stitches from one side (you reached to your needle that was on hold), and knit 4 stitches from the needle that was on hold from cast on process.

Start with cables…

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