Knitting pattern for socks with cable and lace


Do you love to knit dazzling and exquisite patterns that brings forth your knitting skills and awes your loved ones?

Do you feel that dull and lifeless knitting patterns make you yawn and think gloomy thoughts?

Do you want to be as thrilled and on the edge, while knitting another Christmas present, as your niece Judy on Christmas morning, opening up her beautifully wrapped gift you made for her?


If you answered „Yes“ to these questions then this is the pattern for you.


„Water Lily“ socks have everything to keep you hooked. Four various patterns – two lace patterns and two cables – hold up the interest right ’til the end.

Cables are moderate, twisting left and right, framing the lace and emphasizing the femininity.

Lace sock knitting patternWhile one of the lace patterns is for back side of the leg only, the other lace – „Water Lily“ pattern – is crawling down to toes, forming delicious shapes of delicate flowers.

This knitting pattern is meant for intermediate knitter and contains three different sock sizes for women:

  • Size S / US size 7-9
  • Size M / US size 9-11
  • Size L / US size 10-12

It isn’t assumed that you have knitted socks before, therefore instructions are very detailed. However it is expected that you have knitted lace and cables.

Pattern has both – charts as well as written instructions. This means that all directions are written out – every round and every row. Adding charts will give you 28 pages of thorough pattern that guides you through the whole sock knitting process.

If you still need help, just send an email. Contact page is added to the end of the pattern. It’s that simple.

Knitting pattern for lace socks

In regards of the length of the pattern – you don’t have to worry about printing. Pattern is designed so that you can print only the pages that you use. This will decrease your additional cost for paper and ink.

Pattern is composed in a way that it’s logical for sock knitting.

At the beginning, there is a table with details of foot sizes and information about gauge. You should read this through before you get to work. Also, list of things you’ll need with detailed abbreviations will help you start properly and without mistakes.

You’ll be instructed to cast on and knit a cuff. Then you move on with the leg part. Choose the right size and whether you want to use written instructions or charts.

After the leg you’ll be working on heel flap, heel turn and gusset. Everything about the heel is in written instructions only. If you get round to gusset and gusset decreases then you can work with charts again. Just make sure you read all the notes before.

After the gusset you’ll knit the foot according to your chosen size and make toe decreases. Directions for toe decreases are only in writing again.

Knitted sock patternSound manageable right, so why not make the investment?

Now, imagine that you’ve purchased this delightful knitting pattern. You carefully choose your yarn and needles, make hot chocolate, curl up in your favorite nook and start to knit, eagerly following instructions as stated. Only to find out that the pattern is full of errors and the designer doesn’t reply to your emails.

Isn’t it infuriating how this whole thing is dashing your hopes for amazing outcome?

So it won’t happen to you, this pattern is test knitted and proofread by 6 different people, making sure that everything is correct, logical and clear.

It sounds good already, but to make it even better – if you purchase now you will get free labels for gifting your lovely knitted socks. Just print, cut and use. Nothing is more thoughtful then beautifully packaged handmade socks with cute label.

Beautiful knitted items for Christmas

There are 5 different labels for you:

  • Baby its cold outside… Use these
  • Warm & toasty. Made with love.
  • Ice cream & warm socks
  • Hot chocolate % warm socks
  • It’s only cold if you don’t have socks

Buy this pattern and start making unique Christmas gifts now.

Get it here

Also available on Ravelry

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