Beautiful knitted gift ideas for Christmas

Have I told you that I love Christmas. And not just simply love it. But I’m a serious fan.

I love everything about it – lights and ornaments, Christmas tree and gifts (giving especially), family and traditions…

Starting from today, I’ll post my posts in a Christmas spirit. One key for stress free holidays is being prepared. So, if you haven’t started with Christmas knitting then here are few ideas for you.

For even more ideas, check my knitting patterns, crocheting patterns and my Etsy shop.

Knitted gifts for men (also here is a post in same topic):

Knitted gifts for tech lover:

Knitted gifts for kitchen girl:

Knitted gifts for Christmas fan:

Knitted gifts for trendy girl:

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3 thoughts on “Quick Christmas gifts to knit

  • 2. November 2015 at 18:59

    Thanks for this, Duchess. I’ve already knitted two very long cable scarves but these are great stocking stuffer ideas.

    • 2. November 2015 at 19:45

      Thanks Marliese, I hoped just that – great stocking stuffers to work on 🙂


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