Big Project MondayAs I wait my super yarn to arrive I’m doing little bit of planning.

Actually, as we’re on the subject – I thought that choosing my yarn would be easier, but it wasn’t. I made my final decision on Saturday and I must say – I surprised the pants off of me (is there a saying like this in English? – Well, I’m gonna use it anyway).

I don’t want to give you too much details just yet, but I can tell you that my yarn is thinner I planned for, pricier I expected and in kind of color that if someone had told me day before that I will be ordering it then I would have thought she’s nuts…

As a matter of fact – it’s most expensive yarn I’ve bought in my whole life….and I’m sooooo excited 😀

Of course I don’t have my yarn yet… so I need to “hold my horses” and just do some preparing.

If you clicked the image last time (or now if you will) then you saw that small outline there. Well, it’s too small for me so I made a new scheme. I also wrote down all the measurements and noted where should my hands and body be.

Big project Monday boncho planning piece #2 If you’d like to knit with me this time then I can totally help you convert it.

First step, you need to measure the circumference of your hips and divide it by 2 (we are knitting two pieces that’s why we need to divide it by two). Mine is 90cm, so it will be 45 cm for one piece. And you can totally do this with inches you know…

Second step – add 5 cm. So I got 45cm and now I’m adding +5 cm. 5 cm would be 2 inches, if you want to know.

Third step – hands and neck. What you’re going to do is take your number from second step (n) and make a calculation: (30 times n) divided by 70;

For example: (30 x 50) / 70 = 21… I’m gonna round it down to 20.
Big project Monday boncho planning piece #1

Where did I get those numbers you may wonder. Well, my mind works proportionally. So Second step (50 cm for me) gave 70% of total length. In order for us to calculate our whole length we need to know how much is the 30 %. That’s where those 70 and 30 come in to play…

Are you following me?

If you’re stuck then email me circumference of your hips and I’ll help you…

If you ask about how much yarn you’ll need then the answer is: “I have no idea”. I figured that enough for a sweater would be enough for this garment. Plus little bit of extra.

So I ordered 600 grams of yarn.

This is as much planning as I can do. Now I’ll have to wait my yarn (from UK by the way). I’ll be like kid waiting for Christmas – “How many nights I have to sleep…?” 😀


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