Simple crochet snowflake pattern

In my newsletter I promised you a pattern for crochet snowflakes and here it is. These snowflakes are small ones (and very easy to make). Only 2 rounds.

Before you start:

  • you should know how to make a chain, slip stitch and make double crochet;
  • you’ll need some thread and crochet hook + scissors and needle for hiding yarn ends;


  • if you don’t know how to make magic loop then just chain 5 and slip to form a ring;
  • for first dc (double crochet) of the round ch3 (chain 3);
  • picot – chain 3 and slip stitch into last dc you made;

Tutorial on how to crochet simple snowflakes

Let’s crochet some snowflakes now:

Step 1: Make magic circle and into this make *dc, ch 1* 10 times (remember – for 1st dc and ch1, simply make ch4); join.

Step 2: Slip stitch into 1st ch1 space (last round), [*3dc, 3 picots, 3dc* into same space, picot, leave between next ch1 space from last round] rep 5 times; join.

Cut yarn and wave in all yarn ends.


Crochet snowflake


As you can see I made a little moving thingy – I don’t know…. seemed fun 🙂


I hope everything is clear enough. I haven’t really made much crocheting instructions, so any suggestions are welcome. I think I could use a little help.




Crochet snowflake tutorial

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