neeldes and yarnLet me start with the story (before the bad stuff). Once upon a time there was a girl. The girl was yarn addict. And she knew it. Before going to the yarn store, girl promised by the name of all holy, that this time there will be no yarn buying (because that was her New Year’s resolution).

You know how the story goes, don’t you? Naturally there were yarn. And there were needles.

I’m the girl (if you couldn’t tell)… And I came out of this store with 2 balls of fantastic merino (something Titan Wool) and a pair of long needles (Karbonz) which are awesome, by the way (and I think I’m ready to replace all my old needles).

Now – the nightmare.


I planned to show you my last project – Haruni by Emily Ross. Oh my, this pattern is absolutely delightful and major challenge.

And I was so ready to proudly show you my blocked shawl. But no. Noooo. This is where the nightmare part will come in.

You know knitter’s worst nightmare?

No, not the one when you made a mistake at the beginning and you discovered this at the last row of your project and now you have to frog it because you can not live with yourself otherwise (read it quickly and without taking a breath).

Haruni work in progress

Haruni – work in progress (7,5 rows to go)


The other one.

Yes, you guessed it – I ran out of yarn. Can you believe it? Usually I’m not the one with bad language but…


I’m going to order me some yarn, find a corner somewhere and go sob.




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