I have an obsession.

Some time ago I started seeing these socks on Pinterest. Long colorful socks with the accent of flowers. These socks:

sock knitting

Pics are from Pinterest – I do not own them and I do not have any right on them

Only trouble was that those pictures didn’t lead to anything. Just pictures. Beautiful beautiful socks…

More I saw these, more my obsession grew. I needed a pattern. I started my search – using all the keywords imaginable, all the sites and forums I knew and all the contacts I had….

I found it – Pinterest board with sock pictures is here and blog where those socks came from is here.

And trouble again. Blog is in Finnish. Although I’m trying to study Finnish – well – I suck at it at this point….

So, with the help of a friend I looked through the blog and we still didn’t find a pattern…

…until few weeks ago, when I searched for new yarns to try, I foundΒ Novita.

Purely by accident… there was my obsession….

Well, I needed this magazine, of course. But how… ? From where…? From who…?

Hehee – my dear husband is visiting Finland regularly. But he will rather die then buy me some knitting stuff. Here’s where my flu comes in πŸ™‚

He felt so bad that I was sick so long, so he went and searched and bought it for me πŸ˜€ (I would show you my huge grin but my face is still pale like a zombie)

Look – here it is:

novita magazine

And my socks-to-be:

novita socks

Next step – buying yarn and start knitting…in Finnish…

That won’t stop me – I would learn to knit in Chinese if I had to πŸ˜€

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