knitted lace shawl with estonian lace pattern


Today I wanted to show you my progress with Mother’s Day lace shawl pattern. I’m glad to say that I put the pattern together (finally) and got it on needles.





lace shawl for mothers dayFew things went wrong though. OK not wrong but not according to my plan.

Firstly, I wanted more of the pattern. Now I can see that this would have been “over kill”.

Secondly, I wanted my pattern to be on paper by now. It is on 4 papers instead. You know – one piece here, other there, notes on third and forth on chair (little poem for you :D).

And thirdly, I thought I have finished it.


mothers day shawl


But all is not lost. My new finishing deadline will be on Friday (yes, I do know it is day after tomorrow). I so hope I can manage this.

At this moment, I have knitted about half of the shawl. It is about 75 cm (about 29,5 inches) long and there are 16 pattern repeats.


Wish me luck!

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