I’m super tired today so let’s just talk shall we? How was your weekend? Full of knitting I hope 🙂

I know that Mondays are for my big project show off, but after that cabled sweater I thought I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong – I have been knitting, just not so much. And I had this feeling that I need to finish some of my U.F.O.s.

First of all, I wanted to finish my socks. Well, one sock actually. Knitting these fantastic socks isn’t as easy and fantastic as you may think…

Knitting my "Anelmaiset" socks and loving it Hand knitted and very colorful fair isle socks

Yes, I know – pictures are bad. But how on earth can you take pictures when you have to be a model? This time I couldn’t talk my daughter in… (she practically ran out of the door when she saw me with my camera)

One sock down, one to go…

And I’m glad to tell you that I still have the most magnificent quality control there can be. See…?

quality control of patternduchess

Oh, I just remembered… You may noticed me mentioning that I’m a YouTube gardener. Well, there has been major development on this subject.

*YouTube gardener – person who watches YouTube gardening videos without having a garden of any kind*

I’m now promoted (I promoted myself – just to be clear) from YouTube gardener to windowsill gardener 😀

Pattern Duchess gardening

That is a tomato. And me, personally, managed to keep it alive. That’s huge one for me 😀

And lastly, I’ve been finishing up “soon available” pattern that desperately needs a name:

Mittens without a name

Help me please! My “newborn” needs a name… – leave a comment below 🙂 (and you can also leave any kind of tips on growing tomatoes)

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