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How to make nupps


“Nupps” is an old Estonian lace knitting technique which is used to give texture to your lacework.

Lately I’m big on “nupps”. As Estonian knitter I am very proud of our technique (it seems it is as hard as our language and I am so sorry about that)  and I love using it.

I have received questions about how exactly is a right way to knit “nupp” stitches together – on same row, on next row or even on third row?



Answer is:

It depends. All options are the right ones, depending on what you want your outcome to be.

Let me explain.

  • on same row – more oval shaped “nupps”
  • on next row – more rounded “nupps”
  • on third row – little bit larger “nupps”

Now take your yarn and needles. Cast on some stitches and try all three options (use my “nupp” tutorial for help). Maybe you would like to try my “Lily of the Valley” pattern for practice? This way you know which ones you like the most and you get to practice your “nupps”.

By the way – all your questions are welcome. If you don’t want to ask in public then click Contact Me here. Let’s find answers together.


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3 thoughts on “Is it wrong to knit “nupps” together on next row?

  • 24. April 2015 at 16:58

    Yes, I was surprised when I watched your tutorial because I learned to knit them on the next row. Glad to know there are different ways. I do like the way you did them in the tutorial. Thank you so much.

    • 24. April 2015 at 17:10

      Thank you for viewing. At the beginning I thought that there is only one way too.

  • 21. January 2017 at 13:00

    I wish I knew as much Estonian as you know English!


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