how to knit a hole for a buttonOn my last post I showed you how I sew buttons on knit garment. This time I’m going to show you how I’m knitting buttonholes.

It is little bit tricky technique but I love this beautiful crochet edging.

Again, this post is picture heavy, so I can make it as simple as possible to follow. If you have any questions or something was unclear, let me now.

Lets get busy.


To make buttonholes like me you will need:

  • your knitting work (naturally)
  • yarn with contrast color (it may be scrap yarn)
  • 2 double pointed needles (or any needles)
  • crochet hook
  • tapestry needle

1. Knit until you’re ready to make a buttonhole. Put your work on a button and look how many stitches you need (you’ll be dividing your stitches into three). Looks like I will need 9 stitches, leaving 3 stitches on both side.


2. Knit your side stitches with main color (I knit 3).


3. Now take contrast yarn and knit these stitches that you measured on step #1 (for me 9).


4. Do not knit other side stitches.


5. Now move those contrast stitches back to the left hand needle and knit them again with your main yarn.


6. Knit to the end and continue as long as you need (until the end or until next buttonhole).


7. This is backside of your work.


8. Now comes the tricky part. Take the knitting needle and pick up all the stitches you knitted with contrast color. I use two double pointed needles for that. Be careful and make sure you’ll get all stitches (Sometimes it is easier to do this on wrong side). You’ll have to try – I know you can do it


9. One side.


10. And on to the other side.


11. Now remove your contrast yarn.


12. And you have a hole.


13. Take your crochet hook and attach your main yarn to the first stitch…


14. …like knitting a knit stitch.


15. Like so.


16. Next stitch same way.


17. Pull yarn through both loops on hook like making a single crochet.


18. This way until the end of the first needle.


19. Now the corner. Look at it and find two stitches you can use to crochet 2 together.


20. Like this…


21. …and this…


22. …together.


23. Make other side of buttonhole same way as before – make single crochet’s and other corner with 2 single crochet together.


24. Slip stitch on the first stitch. Break yarn leaving enough for sewing.


25. Wave in all the ends (by the way, if you have little holes that is not your buttonhole then now is the time to hide those).


And you’re done.


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