DIY box for knitted shawls


I think packaging and beautiful gift wrap is as important as gift itself. If you have spent weeks on knitting this exquisite and delicate shawl then your package should be worthy of it.






Gift wrap for soft and delicate items


After thinking about it long and hard, I decided I’ll try to make a box with window in it. It wasn’t actually hard, but you should reserve yourself couple of hours. Most of the time will go to measuring and scouring to make folds. Plus I spent a lot of time calculating because I am not the most logical person you can meet.



how to make a boxYou’ll need:

  • cardboard 70cm x 50cm (it seems like we have only one type of cardboard on this island and of course it has to be the most stripy one ever produced)
  • pencil
  • ruler (I would suggest you to use bigger ruler – it was pain in the … with small one)
  • document plastic sleeve
  • glue or two sided tape


1. You’ll start with the most awful task first. Marking down the lines where you’ll be scouring. I tried my best to make the sketch for you and I hope you can use it along with the written text. I messed up my lines 3! times before I got it right.

box template


box making tutorial

  • write side facing you (horizontally) – draw a line 1cm from right edge (from top to bottom)
  • now turn your cardboard so that wrong side is facing you
  • draw lines as follows starting from right – 1cm; 15cm; 4cm; 30cm; 4cm;15cm; 1cm; (from top to bottom)
  • now draw lines from left to write – 6cm upper edge and 6cm from lower edge;


I try to explain little bit – middle (and most wider part) is top of your box (there we’ll put our window). 4cm parts are sides and two 15cm parts are back of your box. These 1cm parts are the overlap that you glue or tape together. Grey areas are parts that you’ll be cutting off and colored lines help you make your cuts (see instructions below).

Let’s continue.

packaging tutorial

2. Scour all the lines you made (wrong side facing you). I don’t have those scouring thingies so I used back of the table knife. Fold it together to see if everything matches.




3. Openings

DIY box


  • Cut lines that are marked with red (on the sketch above) to form little flaps. Also cut along yellow lines.




DIY box tutorial


  • Cut lines marked with blue




box making tutorial


  • To make opening and closing easier we need to make slopes. Let’s start with small flaps. Mark 0,5cm from left edge and from right edge. You can see that I didn’t cut the “yellow lines” like you did. Never mind that – I’m telling you the easier way here 🙂 Draw lines from this marking to upper corner and cut (green lines). I hope this picture is self explanatory…



packaging tutorial


  • Now middle flap. Draw horizontal line 2cm from edge and scour (purple line). Mark 0,5cm from left and right edge and cut (light green lines).



4. Window (you don’t have to do this – I just wanted my shawl to show). See the sketch above.

DIY box with the window

  • I made window template from scrap paper – 12cm x 12cm
  • Place it 19cm from up and down, and 9cm from left and right – I measured, made dots, set my template and draw lines;



box with the window tutorial


  • Cut out. If you have paper knife then you’re lucky. I didn’t and I used sharp kitchen knife. Worked just fine.



gift box tutorial


  • Now take your plastic sleeve and cut out square big enough to cover your window. I added 1cm to each side of my window template. Attach it with the glue or tape (to the wrong side).


5. Closing

box with the window



Remember the 1cm edges from step 1? Put glue or tape on one of the edges and close it. Remember to check the fit by forming a box before gluing.

How did it go? Or maybe you have found other useful tutorials about packaging and presenting knitted items? Let me know by commenting below.


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