Vogue sweater challenge with Craftsy - let's knit a cabled sweater (finished)When this year began (2016 I mean), I decided that this would be the year for something new. Something huge. Something that I haven’t done before.

First that came to mind was a sweater. I have knitted a sweater before but only according to the pattern. Knitting a sweater from point zero – that was something new, and huge, and something I haven’t done before.

Naturally my “go to” page for sweater courses was Craftsy. Did you know that they have 14 classes just for sweaters? I counted you know…

I had a hard time to choose from so many, but I narrowed my search. As you know I’m all about cables and lace, so it had to be this kind of class. Now I had 5  courses left.

Basically, I just chose the one that looked the best… this one:

Custom Cabled Pullovers

And now – let me introduce you to my new cabled sweater that I (me personally) knitted:

Vogue sweater challenge finished


I haven’t blocked it yet. I really really wanted to show it first. There is plenty of time to beautify it later on.

I wanted to give you a full picture – so I talked my daughter into modeling. I’m sure I’ll get to pay my price sometime in my near future. Plus she didn’t want me to show her face so – I cut it off… 😀

Knitting a cabled sweater with Craftsy Vogue sweater class I’m so happy that it’s done. Oh my word… This was huge project for me (real test for my patience) 🙂

Here are my thoughts on knitting my first sweater:

I will allow more time for myself next time, so I can knit something else when I get tired;

I’ll most certainly use some other filler stitch – it was pure nightmare (although it nicely brings out cables);

I may try to knit body in one piece – I hate circulars and I hate seaming, guess I have to figure out which one I hate less;

I love the front pattern and I love the pattern for sleeves – back part, on the other hand, is something I would change by knitting less cables and giving more space for them (right now they are too crammed together);

I also would like to make my next sweater longer and wider – I do like how I made it snug and “feminine cut” like, but there are times when I don’t feel like holding my tummy in (I know you ladies understand what I’m talking about…);

Lastly, if I’m being brutally honest then I made mistakes in my calculations, but nothing too major – few stitches then and there 😀

Also, my seaming isn’t THAT perfect – but who can tell right?My very first sweater finally done

Now, if I set the challenge of the end aside then I loved knitting it.

I loved planning my patterns, I loved swatching and I even loved calculating.

Actually, I thought about my next one already… But I’m taking a break. I do want to knit something big, but I don’t know yet what it will be.

Something with cables and lace I’m sure…

If you want to follow my journey of knitting this uber nice cabled pullover then check out these older posts:

And if you’re just starting out (maybe with that exact class from Craftsy) and have some questions then ask me. I’m not sure that I know everything, but I know people 😀

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