Knitted tights are in. Did you know that?

Usually I’m not a “fashion girl”. I like jeans and sweaters, if you know what I mean. But I do love to keep my eye on  fashion of knits.

It’s so interesting to see what year is in fashion now.  Like we all know, everything old is our next new thing, right? Only slightly different, maybe.

Did you know that tights were made for men for more comfortable horse riding? Usually made from silk or fine wool, tights were the luxury items. Fabric tights was for people from lower classes.

So, we could say that luxury is “in”…

knitted tights

Photo comes from The Best Fashion Blog – love the color of those, by the way


So – I get the printed fabric ones.

Machine knit ones – sure.

But hand knit? Really?


I feel intrigued. And strangely excited. And giddy.

Can you imagine – – – hand knitted – – – 2 mm / US 0 needles  – – – lace / fine elastic / silk yarn – – – lace patterns / fair isle / cable running down on center of the leg

That would be a huge project. But… I need to finish my cable sweater first, maybe after that…


To end this small fashion post, here’s a collection of knitting patterns for tights or leggings I found (in case you’re thinking about it):

  4. (crocheted)
  5. (project from Knitters Almanac)
  7. (could be changed to tights)

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2 thoughts on “Fashion night – knitted tights and leggings

  • 24. January 2016 at 11:59

    I love this look! I’m always noticing when Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) wears them . . . or maybe they’re opaques (regular tights), but its the same look as far as I’m concerned. Plus in the winter they’re so cozy. But as far as knitting a pair for myself — um, that’s a big NO! Too easy to buy and also too easy to damage. So for me it just wouldn’t make sense to. (Never mind the fact that I’m now way too overweight to be wearing them. But that’s another story.) For some the look puts weight on you, but when I was younger I was a real beanstalk and really into them. Especially because I wore a lot of minis (skirts and dresses) and it worked especially well for the fall and winter. It is funny to see all the fashion trends circle ’round . . . I’m old enough now that I’ve lived through a few of them. Some shouldn’t make a reappearance, but this is an eternally good one as far as I’m concerned.

    • 24. January 2016 at 13:12

      I thought about it too – even if I knit a pair, I think I would never wear them – too easy to damage…. + maybe I’m not so skinny… but I like to play with the thought 😀


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