When I started with Pattern Duchess, I though this is going to be strictly a knitting blog.

Time has gone by and I feel like I have acquired so many new friends in my life. I took a break last few weeks, and received so many emails asking if everything was fine. I’m so grateful for you caring.

I can’t answer to all of you (although I did try), so I’m making an exception and share a bit in this blog post.

First of all, me and my family is fine (I was a bit sick, but that’s nothing). Spring has come and all the chores with it. Wouldn’t be too bad as we live in an apartment, but…

Back in December, we bought a house. Not the house we could move in. Rather the house with the history and stories.

It’s an old farm house from 1908.

Here it is in December (before):

old farmhouse 1908

And here it is now (after):

old farmhouse 1908

So this is what I was doing. And this is just a front of the house… We can actually drive in now 🙂

We cleaned up the other side of the garden too, but I’m not sure if you would like to see that or not. You are here for knitting after all 🙂 You could let me know if you would be interested in occasional updates – if not then I won’t bore you with this 🙂

I didn’t get too much knitting done, except the Ravelry KAL here.

Pattern for April:

Estonian Sampler Scarf 2017

I used beads to frame the nupp stitches and I love how it turned out.

Estonian Sampler Scarf 2017 April

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