Daily Delight free knitting pattern for Fingerless GlovesAs I promised on Monday here is my new pattern for you. You may have noticed that it’s been quiet in free knitting pattern wise. That’s because I was working on this one and my goal was to submit it to Knitty.

Well, you see it here so you can guess that they didn’t want it 🙂 And I’m not insulted or sad. At all.

I can imagine they have huge loads of beautiful patterns to choose from. And if I’m being totally honest here, I didn’t think I will be successful. Talk about self confidence right 😀

Now – about the pattern. I personally love fingerless mittens and I love knitting them. It’s very quick knit you know.

I know that there are people who don’t get the purpose of those mittens. And maybe even you are wondering about that. So to clarify, I use them because my hands are always cold and I prefer fingerless over usual mittens because I can knit, type in computer, use my phone, take photos, deal with all the kid fuss and so on without “mitten on-off” management.

Knitting pattern for Daily Delight Fingerless Mittens by PatternDuchessI called this pattern “Daily Delight”. Now I’m thinking it sounds like a chocolate cake or something. Knitting pattern may be sweet but don’t eat it 😀

If you’re anything like me then you love knitting for charity and give knitted items as a gift. So this would be the pattern you want. It’s very versatile and you don’t need to hunt down all those measurements.

Like most of my knitting designs, this one has all the fun elements too. Little bit lace here, cable strips there and bobbles to keep you interested. Fun, isn’t it 🙂

I love to compare my knitting projects to murder stories. In this case, cables would be main characters, lace would be side characters and bobbles would be those addictive twists that keep you up late at night. As you well know – “I’ll just finish one more row” equals to “I’ll just finish one more chapter” 😀

Go on, get your pattern 🙂

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