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I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t disappeared. My family have little crises so I try to be more available for them (and this means less time for Pattern Duchess). I can’t really talk about it yet… but I can say it is weighing me down.

I will be back to myself in no time – I just need some adjusting time.

Now – guess what I do when feeling stressed? Yeah, I knit. So I have finished a scarf and two bags.


knit scarf pattern coming


Bags need some lining, so I won’t show these yet. BUT, I will give you a little sneak peak of the scarf.

It is from pure cotton. Mercerized cotton, to be precise. Very summery and light. I used lace and cables (I’m so predictable) and zigzag edges.

I have finished knitting it, but I need more time though. I want to block it first and then I want to make some beautiful pictures. And I want to edit my pattern to make it more readable. (Someday I will show you my rough drafts and this ain’t pretty, but I’m keeping the illusion of perfection for now)


sneak peak - melancholy scarfThis scarf name is going to be “Melancholy scarf”. Why? I don’t know. I just missed my husband (he’s working in another country so I’ll get to see him  once a month) and it made me melancholic, so…

Oh, tonight is Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final. Are you watching it? For US readers and everyone else who doesn’t know – Eurovision is major song contest between European counties (with exceptions, I heard that Australia is participating?) and you can check it out on this Eurovision special page.


This year I’m so proud of Estonian song “Goodby to Yesterday”. Love it.

For all of you, who knows and cares – good luck 🙂

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