Making progress? No. Making nothing…

knitted Christmas blanket project

So here I am, sitting and feeling like I have nothing accomplished. I have knitters block that’s going as deep as a Mariana Trench. No motivation, no ideas, no willpower what-so-ever.


Or maybe not totally blank, but no comforter for Christmas…

Mittens for Christmas. Or maybe a set – mittens, hat and cowl.

I was so disappointed with the block I made last week. It was too soft and sloppy – like a worn-out and faded sweater. Ghastly, in one word.

I really wanted to show some progress today. And I really don’t want to come in front of you with empty handed. And I don’t.

starting to knit cabled mittens

It’s not exactly comforter. Nor a block. It’s not even a starting point of it.

Mittens… I am knitting mittens. With cables.

And this yarn is absolutely perfect for it.

I don’t know what happens to my big plan. I have not given up just yet. I just have to get over my knitters block…

Any ideas how I can do that?
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