Big Project MondayHeadline is hinting you that I have finally found a name for my current big project. As you may remember I nicknamed my first sweater as Vogue Sweater. Purely because of the fact that the Craftsy teacher for that course was from Vogue (and it had a fancy ring on it 😀 ).

I thought long about naming this project and how I want it to sound. When I made my “to-do list” for the day I just wrote “Knit one pattern repeat of Big Yellow”. I didn’t have better one in hand, you see.

Today, when I took pictures and started to note down my progress I realized – “Big Yellow”. That’s it! My Big Yellow.

Now I can strike out one to-do on my master to-do list – “Find a name for my big yellow project”. See? I already named it without noticing it.

So, about those to-do lists… Have you got one? Or two?

I’ll let you in to my secret maniac world… I have lot of to-do lists. I have a master list and daily list, knitting list and reading list, movie list and travelling list…

Don’t judge…

OK, let’s cut the chit chat. Here’s my progress with Big Yellow. Amazing, isn’t it 😀

Progress with Big Yellow by Pattern Duchess

Oh I wish I could say I’ve done so much. Reality is this: (exactly 35 cm long…)

Actual length of Big Yellow

And to end with positive note – I’m NOT gonna finish it by May, 31st!

By the way, this is my very first DIY tomato forming there 😀 I’m so happy. I actually measure it daily 😀

My very first tomato

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2 thoughts on “Big project Monday – my Big Yellow

  • 16. May 2016 at 15:20

    Well, let me say, Big Yellow is looking good. I would not attempt making this sweater for my skills are not quite up to that level yet, but what you have done I could do (I think anyway 🙂 and it would make a lovely rectangle shawl. Add that to my to-do list, which is longer already than I will get done in my lifetime. Nice to have goals and plans though.
    Your tomato plants are looking great too. My husband planted 6 tomato plants in big tubs on the patio (but we didn’t grow them from seed). He has done this for the last 6 years. They are nice to watch and wonderful to have if they do well. They are mine to take care of now this year. He died three weeks ago, very suddenly. I haven’t knit since, but will get back to it when things settle.

    • 16. May 2016 at 16:51

      I’m so sorry to hear that Sue, I’m really really sorry for your loss. You will grab your needles when you’re ready, I’m sure. Until then you can just look huge amounts of beautiful knitting patterns. If you want an online shoulder to cry on then I’m here – just email me. I don’t pretend to know what you’re going through, but I can always listen 🙂


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