Big Project Monday

I have a deadline. My grand goal. And I don’t know whether I’ll make it or not.

Of course, it’s not actually as important as election of presidency. But it matters to me. I want to shine in the sun with it 😀

I would kind of love to get it done by May, 31st. Let’s look at the possibility of that happening. Shall we?

Work in progress knit yellow summer boncho


I’ve been knitting for about week now, little bit every night. I have exactly 20 cm finished which is 7,9 inches. Or 10 pattern repeats, if you will, so far.

And I need 70 cm total. That’s 27,5 inches total. 35 pattern repeats.



Knitting lace and cables


I guess we just proved that I’m not gonna make it. Because there are two pieces needed, you see. Total of 70 pattern repeats (not to mention the time for cast on and ribbing parts…and sewing…oh I hate sewing…).

That’s the problem with fine yarn. It will take forever to finish a project. But it’s divine though – pure heaven if you ask me.


And I want to work on some other projects too. Like projects that I submit to Knitty, for instance. And as we’re talking about it, then Knitty didn’t want it so I’m giving it to you (FREE) on Wednesday so take a peek:


Daily Delight Fingerless Mittens by Mari-Liis Hirv

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